Alternate time line events

Retro Dress

John Titor said he came from an different worldline that was 2.5% divergent from our own. However, what is it like to be in an alternate timeline? If we were to time travel to another line we might then see a place where in 2009 women still wear dresses and TV still is in B&W.

Another possibility is a timeline where in 2009 people use flying cars and there  are men on mars. The rate of technological development could be quite different on an alternate timeline.

Perhaps you could go back and prevent your girlfriend/boyfriend from leaving you, but on another timeline they might not even exist. Find out how to get your old girlfriend back.


It appears that the HDR sends people to a timeline close to our own, but with a few differences. Steven Gibbs says that sometimes on an ATL - alternate time line a neighbors house is a different color. John Titor said that the "wrong" team wins a football game.

What exactly is time? Can we go back and make changes or will this event cause an HDR Grandfather Paradox?

Alarm clock from retro time line?

When do we see the future? When we look at an acorn and see a mighty oak.