Dark side of super man

There is so much that people do not know about Clark Bent AKA the evil super man. Here he is threatening jimmy old son. Yeah, with a knife even. Do not believe your eyes. Hey, this is a real pic. I have posted even more images.

People claim he was just showing the knife to jimmy. I do not think so. Clark Bent should have become a Catholic Priest as he likes to prey on young men. Do we say prey or pray?

We can feel homesick for the 50's a kinder simpler time, but I do not think so. This web site will proclaim that we need to get rid of invader from Krypton, a noble gas. Well, we will see.

Threatening jimmy old son... what can we say. Jimmy was a nice young man. Few understood the dangers of falling into the clutches of super man. Expect what you may. Please keep your eyes open. Do not believe all that you see. Krypton might be launching an invasion. Maybe all the Krypton dwellers are like super man. Yeah, they enjoy young men as companions.

Maybe Clark Bent should consider another career. Such as Catholic Priest for one. He is no news man.

Bat man knows the score. It is true that he has Robin as a wing man. However, the evil villain is superman. Maybe, all of us need to wake up. It is time to see Clark Bent for who he really is.

Yeah, we see super man creeping in. For example, he is not as wonderful as people think he is. Best to know the truth about the super zero. For example, I was told that he was making improper use ov x-ray vision. Make that XXX rated vision.


Clark Bent uses his X-ray vision to peer into the women's bath room

Here we see fire shooting out of his under wear. Krypton boy was always a bit flamboyant, but here he is flaming or so it appears. This is one of his many super powers. Yeah, super man has an um super pen is. Well, so it appears.

Do you really believe all the hype about super monster, I mean man.

Clark "Chicken Hawk" Bent likes to be all alone in a room... with teen age boys,

I mean young men. Why is he always locking the door? There must be a reason.

Not sure what it is. Call loose lane or child protective services.

I would like to tell you more on cape cruiser. Unfortunately, I cannot type 

as fast as super man. That is one more super power. Did I tell you...

super man has fantasies of becoming a secretary?

Please remember that Clark Bent is super gay. He devours young men.

OK so loose lane is giving jimmy OLD son a warning. He is old enough to know better than hang out with the evil twisted super zero. Still, he does not realize the danger he now is in. Clark "Chicken Hawk" Bent is planning to take jimmy away. Let us hope that our boy jimmy can wise up.

Gee golly miss lane, super man is a nice guy. Those are famous last words from many a young one.

Let us name some names. For example, Lex Laser has always known the ugly truth about super man. It is something that we cannot escape. Did we say cape?

Hey, in his true form, super man looks evil... even in comics. Notice the evil grin. Also, there are those snake eyes. Please add in some pointed ears. Krypton boy belongs in a crypt. This creature has super unnatural powers.

Perry Blight, is the crusty old editor of the newspaper "Daily Plague", and he has some concerns. Mothers have been calling about boys missing. There have been some ugly rumors. Most of these rumors are about a certain bespectacled reporter and his young companions. If the "Daily Plague" is hit by yet another lawsuit, they might have to close down the newspaper. Sadly, Clark is carnivorous. He is always looking for fresh meat in the form of young men. This has cost Perry Blight a lot of money. Perry is warning super man. Stay away from boys or else!

Still remember something that jimmy old son said to Clark BENT AKA super man.

Jimmy: Ah, gee, golly, super man, why are you so super gay?

Clark: I don't know jimmy. Maybe, I was born that way.

Look at super phantasm turning into a ghost even. Perhaps this is a clue for us. Krypton boy is not flesh and blood like a man. Believe me, in his normal form, he is a gaseous mess. Frankly, a fart is what he is. People try to escape. Yeah, they run away from cape cruiser. Smelling like a skunk is normal on Planet Krypton - we guess. That would explain why CLARK BENT stinks like he just got out of a sewer. Also, why he has no girl friends, but we already know he is super gay.

Do you believe a normal person walks around in their under wear? Frankly, we do not think so. The newspaper reporter might claim this is normal on his planet to stroll about in under pants or use mild mannerisms. However, his super father, known as Jor-El, did not walk around in his underwear. At least, I don't think so. Clark Bent is very interesting person. He is quite different than the average man. In fact, he has been spotted using improper mannerisms. Well, for a man that is.

Face the music. OK so tell me if you believe superman is an odd person.

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