New Experiments with John Bajak's Flux Cap

After getting parts from Radio Shack I am doing experiments to see if the flux cap has any chronodynamic effects. Perhaps there is an effect of some kind using John Bajak's flux cap. So far the only effect I have noticed is an annoying noise. I will keep trying.


Below is a list of parts used to build John Bajak's Flux Cap:

  1. Bright RED Blinking LED
  2. Both 1000 MFD & 220 MFD Caps
  3. Standard White Breadboard
  4. Piezo Transducer
  5. and of course 9V power cell

See parts below

Steven Gibbs says that a man can make a flux cap for ten bucks takes only ten mins. I spent over $23 at Radio Shack to get parts you see below.

See video of the Flux Cap.

Notice how the twin capacitors store energy, and after the nine volt battery is removed the flux cap still sounds and blinks for a little while. Also the blink rate of the flux cap seems a bit off. Not sure why this occurs.

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