Future Emergency

It is good to prepare for a future energency. Have extra food in the house and batteries.

future emergency radio

A hand crank radio is also good as we need to get news on what is happening around us.

Try to stay informed about what events are going on in the area where you live.

Neighbors can also be a great source of information. They may know how long the emergency will last.

People need to focus on what is going on. Keep your emergency radio on. Often you will get important news. This could in fact allow you to survive. Folks, the time is now to open your ears.

A keroscene heater is good to have as it works without any electricity. It can warm a room. Also a keroscene heater is cheap. Well, not that much anymore. Fossil fuels in the future will become very expensive. Best to get some now. keroscene heater
The important thing is don't panic and stay sharp, We got ourselves a very long road ahead of us that we must travel before things begin to improve. OK so that said, be prepared and you will not have as many difficulties in your life.

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