Future People

What do people in the future look like? Are they like us? What is it like to live in the far future?

Science fiction has a way of becoming science real. The future tomorrow is like a very futuristic version of today. In that far off tomorrow people get married, have children, plant crops, etc...

Still, people from the future are different than those who live now in the present. The future is a strange place for one thing, people of the future do not eat meat. They are vegetarians. The religion is against violence so there are no videogames. The future dress is not the same as now.

Future People

One could say that future people look quite different than now. More like supermodels. There are no fat ugly people in the future. The ones I saw looked bleached out with light hair, light eyes, and light skin.

Yes, it is almost like the Eloi described in that book "The Time Machine" something about them is almost etheral.

Question, is it possible for people to tell the future, yes, it is. I use astral time travel to see future events. It is to see what will soon happen. The HDR or Hyper Dimensional Resonator was built by Steven L. Gibbs as part of his time travel experiments. Basically the HDR is an electromagnet. See video of how a simple electromagnet is built.

barium oxide bar magnet

I use the HDR for Astral Time Travel.

Here is the crystal pyramid & the double terminated quartz crystal that I use.
The quartz crystal is stored in the pyramid to charge it up.

I also added a barium oxide bar magnet to the HDR.