Future Pet Prediction

In the future I saw no pets of any kind. People say "But surely a dog can serve as a guard, and a cat can get rid of the rat problem." I can tell you that I did not see any farm animals - no eggs or chickens and certainly no beef. People were eating pellets of blue green algae,

Future Pets?
Let me explain, in the future, the concept of owning an animal is seen as extremely distasteful, just like owning a human is now. In the past, early 1800's, you could go to an auction and buy a human being. Now you can go to a cattle auction and buy a cow, and steal its milk - the milk intended for its child.

In the future it is seen as wrong to eat the eggs of another animal or to drink the milk of another animal. The religion is different than now. Killing to eat is seen as primitive barbaric behavior, while riding on the back of a fellow being as corrupt.

How do you see a rich fat man who is too lazy to walk and forces his workers to carry him on their backs?

Steven Gibbs told me that the good old HDR or Hyper Dimensional Resonator attracts cats so I looked for cats in the future, but I did not see any.

I did see strange architecture that looked most odd, but no pets of any kind. There were none of our feathered friends in a bird cage. In fact, the bird cage is seen as a symbol of our cruel era. An era that would lock up a little bird that yearns to fly free in a cage of steel.

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