Future Price Eggs

Ever wonder what the future price of eggs will be?

checking the future price of eggs

We live in a world where protein is important for growth and the gold standard for digestible protein is eggs. So the price of eggs tells us a lot about the future.

We see the true price of things when we see the price of eggs, milk and bread. These are items we need. So the price of eggs is important.

In our near future it is seen as wrong to eat the eggs of another animal or to drink the milk of another animal. Still, for a while veetarians can get away with eating "cracked" eggs that will not hatch. I can assure you that the future price of eggs is much higher than now.

eggWell, in that case as long as no animal is harmed it is OK for a while.

That said the price is one gold ounce coin per dozen. Since gold is now at $600/oz then eggs cost about $50 each. Sounds a bit high to me.

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