Hyper Dimensional Resonator - Strange Effects

Get use to paranormal events when you use an HDR.

Steven Gibbs told me that the magnetic energy given off by the Hyper Dimensional Resonator attracts cats. This is true because I found that all the cats in my area are clustering around my back yard where I have an artificial vortex and use the HDR almost daily. There are about ten friendly felines that try to sleep near the area of the grid point vortex.

Here is a picture of Art Bell's TIME CAT near Steven Gibbs HDR unit.

It appears that the energy of the HDR causes cats to be drawn to the vortex area near my house, in fact, Steven Gibbs told me that one way to find a vortex is to see where a cat lies down to sleep. That way you know where turn on the HDR unit.

I often look for bare areas in the lawn and these "bald spots" are typically the location of a vortex.

Also large anthills and clouds of bugs are common near a vortex.

Another Strange Effect of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator is that it starts to rain soon after I use the HDR unit. In fact it should be called the rain machine. Also a strange fog will form after I use the HDR unit. Perhaps the HDR is working like an Reich cloud starter instead of a cloud buster.

The best place to find a vortex is where UFOs are seen. This is often an interdimensional gateway.

See my latest radionics experiment with Steven Gibbs HDR.

If anyone has information on what happens when an orgone generator is used with an HDR please write to me.

My email is HDRremovemeKID [at] HOTremovemeMAIL [dot] COM, all lower case, without the REMOVEME.