Future TECH seen using HDR

There are many technologies you are familiar with that exist in the future, for example flying cars and teleportation. This is stuff I see in the future using Steven Gibbs HDR. Right now research is being done in laboratories on exciting new technology. Remember the HDR is based on old Tela tech developed at the turn of the century, radionics tech developed in the 1920's and of course the Philadelphia Experiment of the 40's.

The flying car is based on lifter technology that is now in the "toy" stage. Soon we will have lifters that can lift people. Now there is one that can lift a mouse.

However, what about simple day-to-day tech in the everyday home?

I have here a video of tech that becomes pop in the future due to a viral epidemic caused by birds.

The first item is an automatic towel dispenser, our second item is an automatic water dispenser. This latter item works off infrared heat. Older tech units used a beam of light to detect hands. These two devices help prevent infections in the future.

See the video.

Future Tech Video

Although this tech is available now, it is not common in peoples homes,
but it will be soon!


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