HDR or Grandfather Clock

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Grandfather Clock

Steven Gibbs talks about HDR a lot, but one day he told me that a man had an old grandfather clock that was really a time machine. This man could by moving the large hands of the grandfather clock move through time. It was possible to travel physically not just a few hours, but months, even years.

According to Steven Gibbs the old grandfather clock had metal mechanisms inside as well as quartz crystals which important in time travel. The man would move the hands of time backward or forward, wait a few seconds and viola the clock would start to chime and you would be in another world, either the future of the past.

The clock would travel with you and allow you to return to the present. It was an old clock built in the 1860’s by a company that no longer exists. Wish we could build more time travelling grandfather clocks. Wonder if a grandfather clock could cause the Grandfather Paradox.


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