HDR Crystal

2009 model HDR built by Steven L. Gibbs

HDR - Hyper Dimensional Resonator 2009 model

Often times I will use a crystal to meditate. It is important to remain calm and relax. This alpha state helps me to focus when using a Hyper Dimensional Resonator. Often times I will insert a double terminated quartz crystal inside the witness well of my HDR.

Quartz crystal can interact with scalar waves and seem to generate some kind of a time field inside the HDR. It is these simple radionics circuits inside that generate scalar waves which cause strange phenomena to occur. It is these that are important in my experiments.

Many time travel experiments use scalar waves and are difficult to replicate. I believe the temporal anomaly generated is similar to the Hutchinson Effect. Perhaps we will one day understand how a magnetic field affects spacetime.

Steven Gibbs says that the caduceus coil of the HDR is what creates these peculiar scalar waves and that is what creates the effect.