HDR Teleporter

Can the HDR be used as a teleporter?

Steven Gibbs HDR with magnifying glass

So you want to do the incredible, well, Steven Gibbs says that the HDR can be used for movement in space as well as time. He did tell me that you move from one vortex to another, so it is not point to point. Also, that it is not accurate and you could wind up in China instead of across the street.

Steven Gibbs HDR time machine could be used to travel in space perhaps, but Steven Gibbs time travel device is used by me for astral time travel.

HDR Teleporter

According to Steven Gibbs the HDR Equipment can punch a hole in spacetime allowing the traveller to teleport both in time and space so that you can move instantly anywhere and anywhen. People in the future will have these capabilities with newer more powerful devices.

This is the future I have see using  the Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR built by Steven L. Gibbs. Here is how it works according to him. First you find a vortex that is large, then you tune the HDR to where you want to go, finally you activate the portal. You should then according to Steven Gibbs be able to go anywhere and anywhen. Strange stuff to be sure.

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