2010 HDR Model

Inventor Steven Gibbs called me up. He has made modifications to his HDR again. The new 2010 HDR model numberless knobs will use. This is to help people rely on the stick reaction more. With the old knobs people would try to look at the numbers instead of using the stick to find the rate that were proper.

What we can see is that there are more change ahead as he makes his units more new. There was nothing wrong with the old knobs, but they made people look at the numbers more. Well, they will not be able to do that now. According to Steven Gibbs each unit is slightly different and the number that work on one unit may not work on another one.

There are many people who build the HDR, but no big companies. Well, in some ways this could be a good thing because they might not pays as much attention to details as those who make it their life's passion.

It has been left to backyard inventors to fill the gap.

HDR Object According to our famous HDR inventor Steven Gibbs you may use an HDR as a radionics device. Steven Gibbs started working on a prototype for the hyper dimensional resonator back in 1981, this previous machine was known as the sonic resonator. 

Steven Gibbs says that his new HDR or Hyper Dimensional Resonator is far superior to the good old Sonic Resonator he built back in 1981. Here is a video of the interior of Steven Gibbs HDR 2009 model.

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