Odd Occurrences

Red pick up truck with Deer

It seems that a hunter reports that a bigfoot grabbed the deer carcass from the back of his pick up truck. It seems like the big guy was hungry. The hunter said that he detected a certain odor like a skunk and that it was not a bear.

Now, many of you might laugh, but why is it that we do not have a single bigfoot specimen? Yes, we have samples of hair and dropping that are supposed to be from bigfoot, but not a single dead bigfoot in a pickle jar.

This leads debunkers to believe that bigfoot does not exist, but the explanation might be more scary than that. We know that in ancient times there are giant fossil apes like 
Gigantopithecus - Giant ape lived along-side human. It is supposed to have become extinct 100,000 years ago. Perhaps due to time slippage or a time warp, a giant fossil ape appears in our timeline from time to time, but soon pops back to their time.

This explains why there is no dead bigfoot in a freezer. Also why we have no reports of a dead one at the side of a road. 

Many odd occurrences might be due to a time warp causing a creature from the distant past to  temporarily appear in our time, but said creature would soon return to his original time.

According to Steven Gibbs, items that are moved physically using the HDR tend to return to their place of origin.

You can only stay on the other side for a maximum of seven hours before the auto-return brings you back.

HDR blue

 Using Steven Gibbs HDR a person could try to see if there is a vortex in the area that allows movement to another timeline. Perhaps we could travel to where the bigfoot is coming from and see his place.

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