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Mechanism of aura migraine paper

Scintillating scotoma is the bright shimmering fortification spectra or castle battlement formation that people see preceding a severe migraine headache. I have sensitivity to bright light or loud noises, so I retreat to a dark room. My Migraines are usually accompanied by strong pain, nausea, vertigo, amblyopia, photophobia (hypersensitivity to light), phonophobia (hypersensitivity to sound), sensitivity to strong odors like perfume and a desire to avoid physical movement.

Many tips on how to identify migraine symptoms deal with the aura, but fail to mention treatments. Not sure of the cause of the migraine auras or other visual manifestation of teichopsia. The scintillating scotoma appears as sharp zigzag lines at acute angles to each other. Usually it begins as a small bright point in the visual field and then grows into a jagged coloful mess. The phenomenon of the visual aura comes before the migraine headache starts.

vision aura seeing prisms migraine

Well, I do not use Steven Gibbs HDR to help me with migraines. Perhaps a strong magnetic field would help, but migraines with their zigzag lines are probably affected by brain chemistry more than electromagnetic fields. There are by the way methods to help cure migraine headaches and teichopsia.

Many migraine medictions taken once a day, the most common is Topamax. It is an anticonvulsant given to people with epilepsy. The treatment works, but is not 100% effective, also it can make people less alert. A major problem if you are driving a car.

Many migraine medications contain subtances that can induce the headache, the amount of caffeine in migraine meds is a major concern.

Protriptyline & Migraine

Is not a good combination, amitriptyline is more effective. Also there are many side effects such as nausea and food intolerance.

Some migraine headaches natural cures are the leafy herb feverfew(Tanacetum parthenium) has white, daisy-like flowers which may help prevent migraine headaches. It contains the substance parthenolide that is anti-inflammatory. Butterbur(Petasites hybridus) is also used to stop headaches.


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