The below Electromagnet is an important component in the HDR.

HDR electromagnet with girl's watch

In the see above picture a large electromagnet made using 21' gauge magnet wire is used in Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator. Since each HDR is hand made the frequency is a bit different. I measure the frequency of each HDR and use it to see if it makes a difference. Steven Gibbs uses an ocsilloscope to test his HDR units. He looks at the waveforms being produced by each HDR.

I place a watch near the HDR electromagnet to see if it will go fast. This is my big test of the HDR.

At one time Steven Gibbs used Radio Shack Speaker wire instead of magnet wire to build his electromagnets. I think the HDR is more effective using 21' gauge magnet wire rather than speaker wire.

The problem is that it takes Steven Gibbs a long time to roll the HDR electromagnet.

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