Future Price of Food

We use corn to produce ethanol and soybeans are used to produce soy biodiesil. So the price of corn goes up and with it the price of meat, egg. and milk.

You might say, but what about wheat used to make bread? As corn goes up farmers plant less wheat and more corn causing wheat to go up due to supply and demand.

To produce a dozen eggs a farmer must give his hens a lot of corn and soy. As these commodities increase so those the future price of eggs.

We see a decline in the standard of living as gasoline prices go up because they to add to an increase in the price of food.

In short, food becomes very expensive in the future. This is driven by an increase in the price of oil. Crop land is now used to grow fuel for cars.

In Astral Time Travel we can see the future and what event take place. As the price of fuel goes up so does that of food. Sugar has gone up due to its use as a product for making ethanol. This helps drive up the costs of a candy bar. I predict that we will see great increases in food prices soon.

I don't see a lot of fast food in the future because people will start to plant and grow their own vegetables and eat out a lot less. As they will try to conserve money.

Steven Gibbs (HDR) Hyper Dimensional Resonator was used to boost astral time travel and jump into the etheric future.

See video on the price of food in the future.

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