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Latest news about the HDR Electromagnet built by Steven L. Gibbs  
Steven Gibbs is build a new gadget he calls the block wall device and he plans to send me one soon.

Steven Gibbs told me his mom pass away. Sad to say. He also said he is now building HDR units 2010 model that use numberless knobs as a gauge.

There is now a section called Future News on wwwinfoworld that is about the HDR.

HDRKID blog is going to be made dofollow so people can post comments.

Yesterday, got a call from Steven Gibbs and he is adding a time antenna to the HDR. I want was get this new unit from him to test it out. BTW, he also changed HDR witness well going from 36 rows of copper coils to 96 so as to make it more powerful.

Steven Gibbs is working on the HDR Time Antenna. See the latest predictions from CarlosX on HDR miami. Find out what is happening.
oct25 Steven Gibbs is creating a new HDR BOX for CarlosX. His old 2001 model is scratched up bad. Also, tape is peeling from the HDR electromagnet.
oct22 Next year will be great for time travel; to see new movies placed on Youtube about the HDR. Working on HD movies for vimeo. Well, for now, read the story about Steven Gibbs and the HDR time travel grandfather clock.


HDRKID was on Yuku. He has created a new social forum about the HDR. Will have more information soon, as well as how to register. Explore the new answers.


Steven Gibbs says he will be going on coast to coast with George Noory, the old Art Bell radio talk show to speak about a new guy that has been using the HDR to go physical time travel back to the 60's. This is not CarlosX. More information will follow soon...

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