HDR Scorch Regions

HDR can create scorch areas in the grass

Sometimes we will see in a lawn areas were everything was burned and nothing grows. These scorch areas are common. Not sure of the reason. It may be a side effect of a magnetic field in a region.

Right now we feel scorch regions are a sign. Basically, it means that an HDR is generating an odd occurrence.

1) How can it happen?

Well, there is some thought that it could be a product of scalar waves. Perhaps these odd mysterious scalar waves produce the HDR scorch areas.

2) What are scorch regions?

Perhaps this is an odd occurrence. People do indeed wonder at the cause. That said I have notice scorch regions forming after using an HDR. Typically, they form quickly and appear as a BURN area. I have noticed more HDR scorch region near my house even. Plan to post pictures soon.

3) Spontaneous Combustion

OK so on solution is spontaneous combustion of available resource. That does not appear to be the cause. Things that burn often are like green grass. It will turn brown in a scorch area. Not sure on our enigma. It is a mystery to me.

BTW, super man is flaming and has a dark side for sure.

Get ready for more HDR scorch regions. This site is on fire in more ways an one.

The future is near upon us.

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